You don't write because you want to say something.... You write Because you've got something to say!!! (F.Scott Fitzgerald)

Friday, June 23, 2006

I am BACK !!!!!!

Wow!!! Seems like ages since I came here.

On second thoughts its REALLY been ages, almost 3months, 90 days, 2160 hours. Gosh…..

Well a lot of reasons go behind this absence, and I guess equal number for the comeback.

First let me mention the ones for the absence…

1. Laziness

I was feeling very lazy to sit and pen down anything, and I am Jobless too! :(

(uh.. I know that sounds weird and contradicting, but somehow that is ME!)

2.My Bhubaneswar - Delhi – Bhubaneswar shift

After my accident in January, I came to bhubaneswar in March (my father is posted here) for around a month. That is when I started to write this blog.

But then I had to go back to Delhi for my exams and stuff, which was the initial break from blogosphere.

3.Net Problem

When back to bhubaneswar, I faced a lot of net problems, that is still there (my friends would vouch for that)

4.No new Ideas

I wasn’t getting any new ideas…

(REALLY?????? Ummmm……. Don’t know)

5.& Lastly LAZINESS again… (this time its in Bolds!!)

So actually what prompted me to come back?? Well I was actually awaiting a reason to get something good to write on…and so it happened.

And according to the kahawat “jab bhagwan deta hai chhappar phaar ke deta hai”

Now I have so much to write and so little time.

I did a LOT of things in this long break, but my next posts would talk about all that. This come-back post is to be dedicated to someone, like my first post was dedicated to Sayantani di !

Sanjouli. I met her on orkut, so to say. It was through common friend, who used to talk about her, and finally I thought to scrap her!

We had never talked, as such, on orkut or y! just the usual “hi-hello” types. So I wont say we were “friends”.

Man… she had ‘some’ number of fans, scraps, friends and testimonials….

It used to make me wonder as to how some one can manage so much???
Here I was with just ONE testimonial (from the same common friend), some 7-8 fans and a decent scrap count… made me feel jealous is it??? Well you bet…

So Sanjouli was from bhubaneswar. When I came here next, I called her and my first thoughts were “such a sweet voice!! Would be a total kid”
But we couldn’t meet. Then again I came in march, and yet again we couldn’t meet.

But this time I was adamant to meet her once for sure, since this would probably be my last visit here. So finally after a lot of jabdo-jehed, we planned to meet. And that was 8thjune. I met my first Orkut friend!!!

It was great. She turned out to be REAL different from what I had imagined. She was way too matured than I thought her to be!! A very impressive and sweet face and personality. Ones which impress you intantly. But she was extremely shy!

We did talk, but as usual I did most of it. (earlier in the telephonic conversations).
So told her what I was doing, what I want to do. Talked about bhubaneswar, mumbai… families.. “friends”!!

In all I had a good time. Though it was only around an hour and half. I wanted to know more about her but I guess we would take time to “gel-up” and get a little informal, especially SHE! (ie considering her shyness)

But I would love to do that. Looking forward to meet her again before going and eventually build up a relation that might go on forever.

Just hoping that the feelings are mutual…..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ghostly or Ghastly

I wanted to initially write my next post about my recent trip to Puri, but was just too lazy to do it for last two days. I thought I would do it today, surely.
But, in the meanwhile I heard about something, really ‘out of the ordinary’ bit of news, and was tempted to write about it.

So this is about the “mobile capturing ghosts”!!
Sound bizarre? Interesting? Scary? Or something else??

I heard it about this last night, when one of my father’s colleague, Mitra Uncle came (to give us some home-made nimki). He then told us about the latest ‘bhoot’ entering the cellphones, in many districts of Orissa. It was apparently all in the local newspapers!
Swapan uncle (another colleague) then added that he too heard similar news, and hence I was advised to switch off the phone after 11pm.

????????? hello?? Why?
Yaar mere zyadatar frnds ko tabhi meri yaad aati hai, and thts whn I get missed calls and sms’s. :P
so its very difficult for me to switch it off man.

Anyhow, the story goes like this…. after 11pm, if you get any call on your cell, from a 11-digit (or also 9-digit) number, you should not pick it up, and not even cancel it. Keep it ringing. Because that’s supposedly the said ‘bhoot’. Incase you receive the call, you will either collapse (the ghost might enter your body via your ear) or the phone might burst and injure you (the ghost wanting to set free???)

I was practically laughing though I couldn’t do it in front of them. A little later I just wanted to check it out… incase!!
So I googled, but as expected, nothing of this sort was found.

It’s hilarious. Rumors are alright.. But this kind? Technology is going places! To the bhoot land??
So I just brushed it off as a good joke. Bt today when I woke up, and was going through the paper (Statesman here), this was the front-page news! Also in the Indian Express!
People are injured and admitted to the hospitals, fighting between life and death. Police is looking into the matter, while the network provider brushing it off as a rumor. The write up also mentions 3 numbers, which could probably be the ghost’s!

Now the question still remains…. Yeh majra hai kya? & yeh bhoot kaun hai?
Some bhatakti hui aatma??????????????????????

And just when I am writing this, NDTV India is also showing the same news (hello, main bhoot bol raha hun)!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Faaltu ki Baatein.............

whoa ! First post ke liye 6 comments!! I am overwhelmed! Lol.. :P
Thank u guys! (& continue doing the good work! :D)

Well, I don’t know why I am writing this post, but since I wanted to write something, I am doing so….. which means, this post is NOT about any particular person, place or thing.

Actually, the quote my earlier post had, about the occurring being difficult, applies aptly with me! Damn………… WHY did I ever take up Journalism???
(yea… I am a graduate in Journalism hons from apna very own DU!)

At times I think (again not my thought process, but baba (dad) says so….)
ki engineering kar leti to shayad naukri mil gayi hoti…..’
(initially people used to get surprised when I told them I came into journalism after having science in my 11th-12th…… no really, is it THAT weird??????)
khair “abb pachhtaye hote kya, jab chiriya chug gayi khet” !!!!

Well, to think about it again, I am not repenting my decision or something. Just that I am too confused in life, in all manner actually.
You know, the usual 21-yr-old worries! ;-)
I want to do so much, infact everything at the same time!! Don’t know really which direction to proceed, what to do… & Why?? May be I am directionless…. Am I ?????
Ok, I think I should better chuck it!!! kismat mein jo likha hai, wahi hoga…….
( I see how conveniently I put all the blame on luck ! Damn………..)

Anyhow, I am also writing this inspired from the
Faaltu ki Baatein thread ( New Delhi community, Orkut). I named this post the same too!!
Wahan, Sholey ban rahi hai, & I am Maussi ji… lol :P (most of you reading this would be aware of it)
& yea, even Thakur, aka
Lalit, and Rohit told me that the post need not make sense!! (Yes, this is not making ANY sense… and will also not in the coming part :D)

I am presently on anti-biotic. Gosh!! Isse pehle I was on strong painkillers for almost 6 weeks after my accident!
I think medicine companies earn profit only because of some defective pieces like me!! Even my internal system seems to be habitual to medicines now. Naaaaahhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, I am taking 4 tablets –thrice a day :O, all because of the stupid sa bronchial infection I get every time I come here. Here meaning Bhubaneswar. It’s a nice place though, or should I say great! Par meri body ko Delhi ki pollution ki itni aadat par gayi hai ki yahan ka saaf suthra environment shayad suit nahi karta :D
This is my 5th, or may be 6th visit here. Actually baba is posted here since last 2yrs 8months. Oh! how much I miss him! (please Bhagwan ji, jaldi se unka transfer back kara do!!!)

Khair, as I was saying, this is a good place. Have been to most interiors of Orissa and I must say, it’s a place worth visiting. I would write about my trips here sometime later. May be when I can get the pics scanned…
Oh that reminds me, I also want a digicam. Sooooooooooonnnn!

Now I see this turning out to be a real arbit post. So I might as well conclude here, go back to my gobhi ka parantha, and thus not force people not to visit my blog again! Hehe

Take care… all of you reading this post. I will be back soon, of course with some more Faaltu ki Baatein!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Finally !!!!

Writing is no trouble : you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself – it is the occurring which is difficult’ – Stephen Leacock

And that is what happened exactly. I write this first blog, with much effort, in terms of taking out time. & I guess at the end of it, I would need to send it to a good editor (read : Sayantani di) because I am sure it will be language wise too bad to read!
Nevertheless, I can be excused for this being my first entry! :)

So coming back to Sayantani di (sorry, but I can’t help not to use ‘di’). When I met with an accident, back in Jan, and eventually told her about it on orkut,her first question was : “so what do you the whole day? Orkutting & novels? N do you do bloggin too???”

I wasn’t much aware of ‘blogging’ till then because the blogs I had read before were mostly poems (again some orkut pals), and I am not that creative…
(So orkutting was really what I was doing to pass my time.)

Then she told me how addictive even blogging was and asked me to start one of my own. That was 24th feb… but being the lazy bum I am, I delayed it till date.
First I wasn’t sure what to name it, and then what to write about! (Though I told her that the first one would be dedicated to her!)

So, Sayantani di. Well, I haven’t known her since much time & saw her on orkut only (precisely in the Photos of ODM – IV) but I somehow felt a kind of draw.
Maybe because she is a Bengali, or more so because she is a boiddyo (that is a caste in Bengali’s, & I am the same. & Yes, I can get a little weird at such ideologies). Also we wear the same kind of frame. Lol!
We haven’t talked much, just know that she is an editor and I guess, an art lover. Now I am really looking forward to meet her.
(Btw, Sayantani di, don’t get too surprised reading the above stated facts because I never mentioned them before, but that IS what was going in my head when I scrapped you the first time.

So finally I did it!! My first blog! Now after reading it, I have a few more points –

1.I seemed to have used a lot of brackets, don’t know why!!
2.Those who reply/comment on this endeavor of mine, (PLEASE DO. :P) kindly write words to encourage me… hehe!
& lastly,

3. while I write this, there is R.D.Burman’s songs playing on my winamp. Isn’t he a genius??? (I wrote this point so that people can have ATLEAST something to comment on. Lol!!)