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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Faaltu ki Baatein.............

whoa ! First post ke liye 6 comments!! I am overwhelmed! Lol.. :P
Thank u guys! (& continue doing the good work! :D)

Well, I don’t know why I am writing this post, but since I wanted to write something, I am doing so….. which means, this post is NOT about any particular person, place or thing.

Actually, the quote my earlier post had, about the occurring being difficult, applies aptly with me! Damn………… WHY did I ever take up Journalism???
(yea… I am a graduate in Journalism hons from apna very own DU!)

At times I think (again not my thought process, but baba (dad) says so….)
ki engineering kar leti to shayad naukri mil gayi hoti…..’
(initially people used to get surprised when I told them I came into journalism after having science in my 11th-12th…… no really, is it THAT weird??????)
khair “abb pachhtaye hote kya, jab chiriya chug gayi khet” !!!!

Well, to think about it again, I am not repenting my decision or something. Just that I am too confused in life, in all manner actually.
You know, the usual 21-yr-old worries! ;-)
I want to do so much, infact everything at the same time!! Don’t know really which direction to proceed, what to do… & Why?? May be I am directionless…. Am I ?????
Ok, I think I should better chuck it!!! kismat mein jo likha hai, wahi hoga…….
( I see how conveniently I put all the blame on luck ! Damn………..)

Anyhow, I am also writing this inspired from the
Faaltu ki Baatein thread ( New Delhi community, Orkut). I named this post the same too!!
Wahan, Sholey ban rahi hai, & I am Maussi ji… lol :P (most of you reading this would be aware of it)
& yea, even Thakur, aka
Lalit, and Rohit told me that the post need not make sense!! (Yes, this is not making ANY sense… and will also not in the coming part :D)

I am presently on anti-biotic. Gosh!! Isse pehle I was on strong painkillers for almost 6 weeks after my accident!
I think medicine companies earn profit only because of some defective pieces like me!! Even my internal system seems to be habitual to medicines now. Naaaaahhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, I am taking 4 tablets –thrice a day :O, all because of the stupid sa bronchial infection I get every time I come here. Here meaning Bhubaneswar. It’s a nice place though, or should I say great! Par meri body ko Delhi ki pollution ki itni aadat par gayi hai ki yahan ka saaf suthra environment shayad suit nahi karta :D
This is my 5th, or may be 6th visit here. Actually baba is posted here since last 2yrs 8months. Oh! how much I miss him! (please Bhagwan ji, jaldi se unka transfer back kara do!!!)

Khair, as I was saying, this is a good place. Have been to most interiors of Orissa and I must say, it’s a place worth visiting. I would write about my trips here sometime later. May be when I can get the pics scanned…
Oh that reminds me, I also want a digicam. Sooooooooooonnnn!

Now I see this turning out to be a real arbit post. So I might as well conclude here, go back to my gobhi ka parantha, and thus not force people not to visit my blog again! Hehe

Take care… all of you reading this post. I will be back soon, of course with some more Faaltu ki Baatein!!


  • At 11:26 pm, Blogger Woodsmoke said…

    Of course you should write on anything and everything you want to! It's your blog...the one space where you are allowed to say anything and get away with it! :D

    Bhubaneshwar is a very nice place indeed. I have pleasant memories of Orissa, had gone there on a College trip when I was in my second year. We went around to a bunch of places...Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Konark etc. The moment the train hits Orissa you just realise how green the state is. Beautiful!

    And it's ok to be confused. :D We all are...often enough.

  • At 1:13 am, Blogger Lalit Singh said…

    mausi ji
    "faltu ki baatein" se inspired hokar aapne jo post kiya hain woh commendable hain.
    waisey i am also a bit surprised ki after science in +2 u took journalism. koi nahi after PG you can always become a journalist .. dont worry india has more than its share of engineers... and delhi ka pollution, i can see, is making your body stronger... so that u can survive anywhere

  • At 10:12 pm, Blogger ~ Deeps ~ said…

    orissa is indeed beautiful..so much greenry.......konark in evening is so beautiful and so is puri, chilka and places arnd that area....nandan kanan and white tigers...is till remember that....beautiful place......

  • At 8:42 am, Blogger Rohit Talwar said…


    And, no, it isn't weird. I took up journo & Mass Comm (My current Gradeuation degree) after Sciences in high school! I never wanted to even write the bloody engineering entrance exams!

  • At 10:28 pm, Blogger ~ | | OM | | ~ said…

    i liked this post... totally !!!

    mausi ji... i am not able to recognise you on orkut for some reason..

    and journalism... i think i also should have taken it up after i did my 12th from a science background...

    kahan phas gaya IT mein aakar main !! aargh... i don't like this..

    and trust me when you are 21 you have issues.. you will have more when you come to 27 :P

    so enjoy the good.. forget the bad...

  • At 1:10 am, Blogger Convivial said…

    Ok… late comments frm my side! Bt last time I replied sabko alag alag…& mere hi comments zyaada ho gaye!! :D
    So ths time I thot sabko ek saath reply karte hain.

    @ woodsmoke!
    thnx for being the 1st one again!
    Ya bbnsr is really nice.. bt interiors r like 10 times better…
    N talking abt greenery…. Try n go to the north east kabhi! Its like a green carpet spread all over!!

    Thnx again for the reassurance of getting confused! :)

    @ Thakur!!
    Iss baar bhi aap dwitiya!
    The thread had REALLY inspired me!

    N journalist… nah, I hav started giving 2nd thots to it!

    @ Deepu..
    haan ji bilkul bahut mast hai! Bas mere paas ek digi cam hota to main bhi aap jaisa photoblog shur kar deti… aapke aas paas stand na bhi karun.. 40-50% to ho hi jata!!

    @ Rohit…
    thnx man…….. I aint the only weird arnd!! :D
    though I did gve those stupid exams!

    n yes u MUST c the plc… jst tht u gotto knw ppl arnd.. the locals! Tht helps!

    @ Prashant
    dhanyavaad ! bahut bahut shukriya to like the post!
    N aapko abhi scrap kiye dete hain… pehchaan loge!

    N I thnk jo jahan hota hai wahi pasand nahi aata….. as they say Grass is always greener on the other side

  • At 7:02 am, Blogger prankul said…

    Well i have guessed you Ishita!

    But but you in Bbsr again?!

    Have a nice time there!

    Cya! :)

  • At 10:26 pm, Blogger TripleSix said…

    kya yaar...i'm sufferin with the same drought...

    i'm a graduate too in journalism...infact soon..prbbly another 2-3 weeks...tht too with the DU's name...

    but i'm shit worried about wat to do aage...i dn't want to leave delhi for p.g...if i dn't manage to get hold of any coll in here...

    internship ka paanga bhi sar pe chad raha hai...then the photography exhibition..n yes...eventhough we r done with the project..but the viva is soon goin to drag us more to less sleep..hahahaha

    anyways,which all colleges are u tryin for,n wat do u think of institute of mass comm of appejay in Dwarka?

    take care...
    n dn't worry so much...i'm sure things wud go fine,once we stop thinkin about it,n let it fall into its' place on their own...


  • At 8:37 am, Blogger prem said…

    You had science in 12th and u took journalism....Yes, thats a bit surprising, but I'm happy that you went the way you wanted to....not what parents or everyone around us says.
    I am an engineering graduate, and now, at this stage, I think I should have done something else other than engg.(just opposite of what u think).....Naukri to mil gai, paisa bhi ahi...but is that all this world calls 'success'....?? ...success for whom?
    Its all crap! I wish I would have done what I wish, though it might hav fetched me only a meagre amount of money


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